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Avitus™ Orthopaedics is currently developing its first product - a novel, intuitive system which will enable surgeons to harvest autologous bone graft (autograft) utilizing a minimally invasive approach.

Autograft is the soft bone found within the hard white outer shell of most bones. Orthopaedic surgeons oftentimes harvest this autograft from a patient in order to use the bone graft in another part of the body that requires fusion or healing.
Autograft is the gold standard bone graft material because of its high rates of successful fusion. Autograft has these superior regenerative characteristics because it has all the necessary properties required for bone growth and fusion:
  • Osteoconduction: guiding regeneration and repair of the natural bone
  • Osteoinduction: encouraging undifferentiated cells to become new bone cells
  • Osteogenesis: promotion of bone growth and remodeling by living bone cells in the graft
Furthermore, because autograft is utilized from the patient's own body, it eliminates the risk of disease transmission.
In addition to delivering superior fusion rates to patients, the use of autograft can provide significant cost savings over expensive bone graft substitutes.

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