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How does the medical provider decide between autograft and allograft? There is not a single size that will fit all kinds of issues, so it is essential to know the basics of each process. Bone grafts are surgical procedures that regrow bones or joints damaged from trauma like accidents or disease. There are a couple of options for regrowing the bone, but autograft and allograft are the most common. Read along to find out more about autogenous bone harvesting and grafting.

An overview of allograft and autograft for bone harvesting purposes

What is an Allograft?

Allograft is the tissue the doctor takes from the donor and uses during surgery, which means the tissue is never from the patient. The allograft procedure tends to be easier than the autograft because there is more tissue availability from multiple sources. This also means that specialists can use this process for extensive procedures that need more than one surgery, and the patient will always have a safer and faster recovery process.

It should be evident that allograft is potentially more expensive because it involves a more significant volume and mass of tissue. Moreover, the medical team must be meticulous with their practice to minimize the high risk of infection.


What is an Autograft?

Autograft is the tissue the surgeon takes out from the patient, which means you will be the donor of your grafting procedure. Autograft is the more common one than allograft because it has better reliability and a higher success rate of keeping the original tissue or bone intact. The healing process tends to be reasonably fast because the body uses its cells, and there is a low risk of rejection, failure, or infection.

Both bone graft types of procedures are usually successful options, so you do not have to worry about the final choice by your doctor. The critical factor in choosing either one is the possibility of healing so that you can trust a trained expert who will know the exact procedure to help your tissue or bone growth.

Have you recently injured or fractured your bone? Then you are in the market for an autograft or allograft and want to trust you are on the right path. As stated, the two above processes are just as vital, and you do not have to do the entire math because a competent expert will ease the procedure and recovery process.

Perhaps you are a medical expert skimming through the Avitus site to find a technology that will deliver the best grafting procedure. We have gone through plenty of motions to devise and revise the harvesting system so that you can trust the system has the correct measurements and preparations to facilitate fast healing.

We hope the above information is a decent introduction about autograft bone procedures. Feel free to discuss your tool options with our team and answer concerns that make you feel confident about your choice or specific bone grafting tools. Contact us online for fast assistance.


Autograft Bone

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