Bone Graft Harvesting System

Bone harvesting is a painful and potentially harmful process when they take the bone graft from the ilium. It quickly became apparent that there was a great need for better and faster bone harvesting processes to decrease pain and minimize long-term trauma.

Avitus is obsessed with innovations to improve the bone harvesting process and offers flexible approaches to improve the overall results. The following is a breakdown of our bone graft harvesting system.

An overview of the Avitus bone harvesting system

The Avitus system is an upcoming device that allows specialists to harvest bone grafts from the foot and ankle. This system eases the harvesting process because it eliminates the need for too many surgeons or excessively invasive surgery procedures.

The harvesting system allows the surgeon to operate on an incision between one to two centimeters instead of cutting open a larger area. The device allows for the specialist to access the affected bone area to remove the marrow. What is even better? The entire process will only take a couple of minutes, whether we remove the bone graft from the distal or proximal tibia.

The bone graft harvesting system is also a better option because the minimal area of operation prevents massive loss of the bone and allows the extraction of actual live cells instead of dead ones. In addition, this device can work on any site, all while ensuring the same consistent results.

The harvester has a couple of different sizes to allow different options for precise bone harvesting purposes and bone graft types. The tip offers a lot of stability regarding the speed of the drill, so we can control how much volume and weight we can extract. We are keen on using the kit in the intended format, which means we include all the disposable kits and reusable assemblies when necessary. This precaution to maintain medical cleanliness will prevent reinfection because the environment will be constantly sterile.

Specific traits of the Avitus Bone Harvester and bone grafting benefits

  • The surgeon can harvest up to 50cc of the targeted cancellous bone graft by opening only 1.5cm of the site to make an incision.
  • The harvester allows a couple of different harvesting options, from a small to a large volume depending on the procedure of the extraction process.
  • Our bone harvester is as good as it gets compared to many others in the industry, which means you will have a fast and safe bone graft procedure, with minimal need for substitute bone elements or other applicable costs.

The Avitus Bone Harvester has an array of new capabilities to maximize regenerative abilities. We have enough experience and positive reviews to know that it is good enough to replace a couple of painful and expensive medical procedures. Using our harvester will save the patient from many strenuous procedures and the extra fees with routine surgery and hospitalization bills.

Are you ready to begin the autogenous bone harvesting and grafting process? Contact us online for more information.

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