When the i-Limb was first introduced, it opened up a world of possibilities for amputees everywhere. The world’s first bionic hand designed for retail, it allows arm amputees to enjoy the same movement and flexibility of a natural hand.

At Fit Prosthetics, we are proud to be the leading supplier of the i-Limb in Utah. We also stock a wide array of alternative prosthetics, all guaranteed to help amputees regain confidence and take back control of their lives.

Who Are We?

Fit Prosthetics is the foremost provider of amputee rehabilitation and prosthetics in Salt Lake City. We work with new and long-time amputees alike to create a more inclusive and comfortable society. We do this not only through the artificial limbs we stock, but through research, lectures, and public events.

The dedication of our team has resulted in Fit Prosthetics receiving BOC accreditation. This means we have proven ourselves to be among the top companies for patient care in the entire orthotic and prosthetic industry.

The i-Limb

As the number one supplier of artificial limbs in Utah, we have had the pleasure of helping amputees throughout the state improve their quality of life with the i-Limb. Arguably the finest myoelectric terminal device ever produced, the i-Limb moves almost identically to a natural hand. It allows arm amputees to perform everyday tasks, as well as hold and use previously off-limits devices, such as power tools.

The fingers of the i-Limb are built to proportion. They can be controlled all at once or individually, granting amputees a level of control that is second to none.

The i-Limb/Bebionic battery is used in a number of myoelectric devices. However, only the i-Limb fully utilizes the battery to achieve the power, speed, and precision of the human hand.

Additional Prosthetics

While the i-Limb is becoming increasingly popular among amputees in Utah, it is far from the only prosthetic we stock. We also stock a range of artificial limbs for above and below the knee amputees.

We understand that there is no one prosthetic that will work for every single amputee. That’s why we work closely with each of our clients to determine the artificial limb that is best suited to them.

We stock the best pre-prepared artificial limbs from the best designers in the industry. This includes manufacturers like College Park, Freedom, and Ossur. If you would prefer to have a custom-made limb designed exclusively for your body, our design specialists will utilize 3D scanning and printing to make your dream a reality. We are the only company in all of Utah to offer this service. Nevertheless, we strive to keep our prices low, so you can have more money to travel, exercise, and enjoy life once your custom-made artificial limb is complete.

Contact Us

Whether you want more information on purchasing the i-Limb in Utah or simply need some support as you adjust to life as an amputee, Fit Prosthetics is here for you. You can contact our BOC accredited team today at (801) 912-05000.


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