Inpatient Addiction Treatment Program Overland Park

The Gold Bridge Treatment Center offers quality treatment services to patients suffering from various addictions. Our programs are designed to help patients learn different methods of avoiding relapse. We offer an ideal environment and a dedicated staff team to help our patients enjoy recovery. Our programs are vital in aiding patients to avoid not relapse and maintain sobriety post-treatment. 

What is Aftercare? 

Once patients have safely detoxified from addictive substances, they proceed to an inpatient program called aftercare. It is a vital step towards patients’ recovery processes. Once patients complete their treatment programs in rehab, we design a collective plan to support them during the early stages of recovery. The plan aims to prevent urges that may lead to relapse. It also enables them to maintain sobriety and gives them some purpose post-treatment. We ensure you have our support, which is the main objective of the aftercare plan.

Components of the Aftercare program

We offer numerous resources and services depending on the individual’s needs and options in a specific facility. Here are the standard components of an aftercare plan:

  1. Adapting to sober living
  2. Transitioning into an intensive outpatient program
  3. Regular checkups with your counselor or case manager
  4. Attending group and therapy sessions
  5. Participating in the alumni program at your treatment facility
  6. Attending recovery meetings
  7. Finding a sponsor or a sober mentor
  8. Establishing a robust support system after treatment

We encourage people to participate in individual and group therapy sessions. It allows patients to process thoughts and other issues that they need to work on during the entire recovery process. Our 12-step program plays a crucial role in helping patients recover and maintain sobriety. We offer quality rehab services for patients and offer their case managers the authority to raise their concerns and opinions during the recovery journey.

How the Aftercare Plan Helps Patients to Avoid Relapse

Our aftercare plan is designed to help recovering addicts avoid relapse and maintain sobriety after treatment. However, this treatment plan can only be successful if the patient works closely with a case manager or sponsor. We highly recommend close supervision from your supportive group sessions and sponsors for the aftercare plan to succeed.

Our happiness is seeing our patients live a drug-free life and controlling their urges to make adjustments in their treatment plans. If the aftercare plan does not work for an individual, we will research and review the treatment plan that works for them. We advise recovering addicts to show up for the group, and individual therapy sessions as each meeting plays a crucial role in overcoming addiction. Our team is committed to ensuring the individual’s recovery process is smooth and offers support depending on the person’s specific addictions. Our rehab facility is in Kansas, but we have helped patients from all over the U.S. and the world overcome their addictions.

We have played a role in the recovery processes of many individuals struggling with substance abuse. Please reach out to Gold Bridge Treatment Center at 913-837-4653 to learn more about our addiction treatment programs in Kansas.

Inpatient Addiction Treatment Program Overland Park

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Inpatient Addiction Treatment Program Overland Park

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