Muscle du plancher pelvien de Montreal

The pelvic floor is essential in every individual as it houses vital organs like the bladder, uterus, rectum, and prostate in men. The pelvic floor muscle is the body’s support system as it keeps everything in place by wrapping around the pelvic bone. Usually, the body tightens and relaxes the pelvic floor muscle allowing you to go to the bathroom, have painless sexual intercourse, and move your pelvis effortlessly. However, pelvic floor dysfunction can lead to painful intercourse, trouble moving the bowel, and bowel leaks.

Car accidents, pregnancy, pelvic surgery, obesity, and age advancement are the major causes of pelvic floor muscle dysfunction.

It is essential to know your body and how it functions. Several symptoms like constipation, painful urination, straining to move the bowel, increased bathroom use frequency, pain during intercourse, and pain in the lower back.

Strengthening Pelvic Floor Muscle

The strain on the pelvic floor muscle can result in several pelvic complications like painful intercourse, frequent urination, lower back pain, and constipation. The people of Montreal, like other places in the world, have battled with the issues of weakened pelvic floor muscle. However, we can strengthen our pelvic floor muscles using Kegel exercises.


Kegel is the process performed by contracting and relaxing your pelvic floor muscle by identifying and contracting the affected muscle by holding then releasing it for 5 seconds each. Each person should perform kegels ten times, three times daily.

Kegels are therapeutic exercises that physiotherapists can use to improve and strengthen the pelvic floor muscles to make life more enjoyable and pleasing to live. A physiotherapist helps each person determine their strength, endurance, and control level. A physiotherapist gives each person an internal assessment to ensure their power can take on a particular exercise. Kegel exercises include squats, sit-ups, bird dogs, split tabletop, and bridge. It is possible to perform Kegel exercises in a private or a public place.

Benefits of Kegels

Kegels are very beneficial to the body and in strengthening the pelvic floor muscle. However, it is essential to get kegel exercises correctly. Physiotherapists help individuals find the perfect kegel exercise for them. The benefits of kegels might differ in both males and females. Some of these benefits of kegels include:

  • Improvement of blood circulation to the virginal and pelvic floor making sex less painful. Kegels help people who have pelvic floor dysfunction to improve blood circulation. Kegels help to move the muscles and reduce tension, thereby allowing for a better flow of blood to the pelvic floor muscle.
  • Kegels help to reduce the risk of urinary tract infections.
  • It helps in the treatment of erectile dysfunction and helps a man last longer in bed.
  • Kegels help to restore bladder control, especially after prostate surgery in men.
  • Kegels also reduce the risk, frequency, and stringency of pelvic organ prolapse and complications.

Pelvic floor muscle dysfunction is a common condition amongst the Montreal Canadiens. Several physiotherapy clinics in Montreal help individuals manage pelvic floor muscle floor dysfunction using kegels, squats, situps, and other physiotherapy methods. 


Muscle du plancher pelvien de Montreal