When you have been injured somehow and there is damage to one or more bones, you will want to seek help to begin the healing process. For many people, this may include a bone graft procedure. Orthobiologics could be part of this process as well, which are various substances orthopaedic surgeons use to speed healing.

How are Orthobiologics Used?

These substances help improve broken bone healing while also addressing injuries to the tendons, ligaments, and muscles. Such products are made using substances already found within the human body. When used in a high concentration, they have a higher potential of speeding the healing process. This includes multiple bone grafting benefits as a way to help broken bones heal.

The Healing Process

If you happen to injury your bones, tendons, or muscles, there will be bleeding that spreads into the injured zone. The bleeding acts as a foundation to help foster healing. You can think of it as an avenue for healing factors to make their way into the injury site.

Along with the bleeding, there are three important elements for healing to take place. Each of these substances is actually orthobiologics, including:

  • Matrix – You can think of this as the home where cells reside, where they thrive and work to make ligaments, tendons, or bones. Matrix materials are also conductive, which means they craft building blogs to help fill in any gaps.
  • Growth factors – Looking into bone graft types and how bones heal, you may hear about growth factors. These are proteins necessary for the cells to function throughout the healing process. Some proteins may slow or control healing, while others will speed it up. You can think of growth factors as similar to vitamins and minerals we take each day to maintain a healthy body.
  • Stem cells – These are unique body cells that can turn into other types of cells. When healing, stems cells get sent to the area where the body requires repair most. The same stem cells that can repair a bone will also work to repair ligaments or tendons.

About Bone Grafts – Autogenous Bone Harvesting and Grafting

Bone grafts are sometimes used as matrix material, meaning their bone harvesting purpose is elemental to healing. Besides synthetic bone grafting, there are generally two types:

  • Autografts are bone grafts taken from the patient
  • Allografts come from a donor, often a cadaver

Every year, there are many new developments in the world of bone grafting and orthobiologics. Researchers have been working on a type of bone “glue” that could help fix fractured bones and provide various substances helpful to the healing process.

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