Remove Lice

Remove lice from your home once and for all with My Hair Helpers’ DIY treatment, at-home mobile service, or in-salon lice removal treatment. Our line of all-natural products has been proven effective for killing lice, nits, and eggs on-contact, so you can rest easy knowing lice are gone- and they won’t return. We offer a 90-day guarantee on treatment and post-treatment education that ensures your entire family will remain forever lice-free.

Read Our Online Reviews

We’re not afraid to direct readers to Web directories where our customers have left feedback for our service- we know the kind of results our customers experience when they turn to us for treatment. You’ll find hundreds of 5-star reviews and testimonials on sites like Yelp, Google, and many others. See what others in the LA County community say about us and our commitment to 100% lice removal with a guarantee you can count on and several options for treatment:

  • At-home, mobile head checks, and treatment
  • DIY products and online tutorials
  • In-Salon treatment

Whichever method you choose, you can expect the same, professional service, caring and reassuring treatment, and guaranteed results. Ask your child’s school for a referral, and you’ll find that your school knows about our services and can vouch for us.

Avoid Store-Bought Products

OCT products do not kill lice, and while they may remove lice, they typically won’t remove them all. Adult lice are only a part of the problem; you’ll also need a product that addresses nits, or newly hatching lice, as well as eggs that will soon hatch. MHH has created a very effective line of products made with all-natural ingredients. Don’t be tempted to think that because our products are natural, they are somehow less effective or watered-down. The MHH product line contains no chemicals or toxins, yet it has been proven as one of the most effective on the market for stopping lice, nits, and eggs dead in their tracks.

Prevention and Protection

Using MHH’s products, you can prevent lice from coming home from school with your children and protect your investment if you’ve paid for treatment. If you suspect lice or have seen their presence, use our ‘My Lice Removal Oil, made with 100% dimethicone that smothers lice and kills on contact. If your child needs to get back to school, we can guarantee same day results from our in-salon, at-home, or DIY treatment.

Accept No Substitutes

Nothing works as effectively as My Hair Helpers’ products to remove lice- guaranteed. Avoid the disappointment that inevitably comes with buying an OTC product. Lice have become immune to most conventional chemicals and toxins- MHH works differently- it coats, smothers, and kills lice in a single treatment. Find out more about our services, our products, and our mission to remove lice, nits, and eggs from your home with lifetime protection against future outbreaks. Call or connect with us through our Website’s contact form.

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