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Jenkins, S., Sabesan, V. | Managing Recurrent Clavicle Nonunion and Construct Failure: A Case Report
In Joint Debridement: Every Minute Counts
Minimally Invasive Surgery for the Management of Osteomyelitis in the Lower Extremity by use of a Bone Harvester: A Case Series
Total Joint Debridement with Avitus®
Godoy, G. l Mycobacterial Complicated Distal Femoral Osteomyelitis Treated with Aggressive Radical Debridement utilizing Avitus®
Avitus® Bone Harvester: Product Brochure
McAlister, J. | Tibiotalar & Subtalar Joint Arthrodesis with Proximal Tibia Bone Graft Harvest
Lukasiewicz, A. | Novel Vacuum-Assisted Method for Harvesting Autologous Cancellous Bone Graft and Bone Marrow From the Proximal Tibial Metaphysis
Proximal Tibia Bone Graft Outcomes Report
Greco, V., Hammarstedt, J., O’Connor, S., Regal, S. | Masquelet Technique and Proximal Tibial Autograft Utilizing Avitus® Bone Harvester for Severely Comminuted Open Distal Radius Fracture with Extensive Bone Loss: A Case Report
Jardaly, V., Torrez, T., Kothari, E., Andrews, N., Gilbert,S. | Journal of POSNA: Over-Reaming the Humerus to Place an IM Lengthening Nail
Fine, L | Calcaneus Fracture with Large Unicameral Bone Cyst (UBC) Debridement Using Avitus Bone Harvester
Malani K. et al. | Rare Desmoplastic Fibroma of the Calcaneus: A Case Report. FASTRAC
San Giovanni, T | Minimally Invasive Talar Dome OCD Repair with Autologous Calcaneus Bone and Marrow Harvest by Dr. San Giovanni
Karia, R | Repair Distal Tibia Pilon Nonunion with Proximal Tibia Bone & Marrow Harvest Using Avitus® Bone Harvester
San Giovanni, T | Complex Medial Column Reconstruction with Proximal Tibial Bone Graft and Marrow Harvest with the Avitus® Bone Harvester
Trauma: Case Reports with Avitus® Bone Harvester
Lukasiewicz, A. | Novel Vacuum-Assisted Method for Harvesting Autologous Cancellous Bone Graft and Bone Marrow From the Proximal Tibial Metaphysis. Foot & Ankle Orthopaedics
Bone Debridement: Calc Osteomyelitis Debridement with Avitus® Bone Harvester
3D Printed Cages: Applications of Custom Cage Technology with Autoglous Bone and Marrow Harvesting
Regal, S | Two Stage ORIF of Distal Radius Fracture with Bone Loss with Proximal Tibia Bone Harvest Using Avitus® Bone Harvester
Retrospective Analysis of 1098 Harvest Cases: Volume and Time Reported
Montijo, H. | Subtalar Fusion with Avitus Proximal Tibia Autologous Bone Graft Harvest.
Berson, L. | . A Case Series Review of the Avitus Bone Harvester and Autologous Bone Harvesting for Foot & Ankle Applications.
Greene, D., Judd, N. | Case Series: A Retrospective Review of Clinical Outcomes Using the Avitus® Bone Harvester.
Coleman, B. | A Clinical Review of Autogenous Bone Grafting for Orthopaedics and the Avitus® Bone Harvester
Butto, D., Balloch, R. | 1st TMT + 1st MPJ Joint Fusion with Calcaneus Bone Harvest.
Wrotslavsky, P. | Exploring the Potential of a New Modality for Harvesting Bone Autograft. Podiatry Today,
Kaplan, J | Triple Arthrodesis with Proximal Tibial Bone and Marrow Harvest
Kreulen, C | Tibiotalar Calcaneal (TTC) Fusion with Proximal Tibial Bone Graft & Marrow Harvest

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